Best Open world PC Games

Best Open world PC Games

Today I’m going to introduce you best open-world pc games. These are the games I like in open-world category. Due to the reasons of low-end pc and high-end pc, I divided it into two categories for 4GB ram and for 8GB ram. So you will like these games to play in your spec pc. If you think I missed some better games you can tell me in the comment box.

List of Top 10 Open world PC Games

Top 5 open world pc games under 4GB ram

5. Sniper Elite III

Rebellion Developments developed and published Sniper Elite III. It is a tactical third-person stealth shooter video game. Sniper Elite III is a prequel to its 2012 game Sniper Elite V2. It is the third installment in the Sniper Elite series. It is arranged nearby three years before the results of V2. Following some achievements of Office of Strategic Services manager Karl Fairburne as he joins in the North African battle through World War II, in which he determines of mysterious wonder weaponry entered by the Nazi armies. The sniper rifle is the primary weapon of players. Though extra weapons, including submachine guns and pistols, suppressed or not depending on the condition, are prepared. In supplement to hand grenades, the player can use tripwire booby traps, land mines, and dynamite. Players can use Binoculars to tag enemies and reveal their locations and actions.

The player can hold his breath to accurately take his shot to the target. A red symbol arises in the scope, indicating the predicted point of impression. You can find weaponry installments spread out all over the game, gained when stealing dead criminals, providing players to customize their weapons in the predeployment list; the list also provides tools load-outs. An eye symbol glares or starts to indicate the player’s level of detection by the enemy. Enemy veterans will further have a circle meter above their heads to symbolize an alert situation. The game comes including multiplayer in Sniper Elite III. It consists of Squad Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Distance King, No Cross, and Capture the flag of aggressive gameplay. There is a huge collection of maps to play on with wide-open environments.

4. Batman Arkham Origins

WB Games Montréal developed Batman: Arkham Origins and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. It is a 2013 action-adventure and open-world game. It is based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, it is the follow up to the 2011 video game Batman: Arkham City. Batman: Arkham Origins is the third installment of Batman: Arkham series. Batman can use his cape to glide around the Gotham City. The game adds a fast travel system, providing Batman to remotely command his aircraft (the Batwing) to move him to another region faster than gliding or grappling. Enemy tower establishments restrict Batman from ordering the plane in some regions. If a player has the necessary equipment so he can disable some towers.

The game offers new villain types the Martial-Artist. Martial-Artist can block, evade, and counter Batman attacks. The Armored Enforcer can strongly counter batman attacks until he is dazed. And de-armored and Venom-infused henchmen who control superhuman strength, enabling them to grapple Batman and originate attacks which cannot be countered.  Some enemies are with guns, which can harm Batman. Player can apply stealth technics to turn the fight in their favor. Many regions highlight stone sculptures or giant outcrops, assisting Batman to remain hidden while placing traps and beating out criminals. The game features Batman’s detective abilities; for illustration, he can examine an offense scene by Detective Vision to highlight details of observation; holograms play out hypothetical situations of the offense. The game comes including multiplayer into the series.


Grand Theft Auto IV is a 2008 action-adventure game and open world. Rockstar North developed and published by Rockstar Games. It is the Grand Theft Auto series eleventh game. It is based on New York city a fictional Liberty City. The Player of the game is Niko Bellic a war veteran. And he wants to avoid his past. He was under pressure from loan cheaters and thug bosses. The open-world map allows players freely roam Liberty City. The map consists of three main islands. The environment of Grand Theft Auto IV is much bigger in area than the most initial games in the series. Players apply melee strikes, gunfights, and bombs to attack opponents. While free-roaming the game environment, players may join in context-special projects such as bowling or darts.

Niko has a smartphone for communicating friends and begin activities. The smartphone is further managed to enter the game’s online multiplayer style and to insert cheat codes. The online multiplayer style for Grand Theft Auto IV supports up to 32 members to freely roam over a game of the single-player world. Players select which game style they want to play, including deathmatches and street races.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

Avalanche Studios developed Mad Max and published Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. It is an action-adventure video game based on the Mad Max franchise. Mad Max features vehicular battle, in which performers can use weaponry and armor upgrades on their automobiles to attack opponents. It is inserted in an open wasteland containing sands, valleys, and caves. The Magnum Opus can be improved with supplies looted from the deserts, by hijacking opponent’s cars or getting their car components.  An attacker can jump on top of the Magnum Opus to execute it pop, but the player can dodge that by enclosing the car with dangers such as nails.

The player can reach the garage screen during the game, enabling them to customize the Magnum Opus. The game has multiple options such as playing stealthily or aggressively, it features action over stealth. Mad Max highlights a variation of weapons, including Max’s iconic shotgun, but ammo is rare and the game highlights melee combat beyond firearms. One weaponry is the explosive Thunderstick, which can be lanced into an enemy’s thorax. The game has a free-flow battle system connecting professional grappling strikes and boxing methods. Mad Max’s scenery consists of valleys, caverns, wastelands, and deserted wastelands.

The game’s environment is separated into different sections, with each having its backstory and scenery. Individual stages and wrecks can be located in every section. Side actions such as races, time trials, invading enemy fortresses, and eliminating enemy escorts can be located in each section. A region’s warning level is reduced by performing certain actions, aiding its exploration. Each area has a boss, who can be located and beaten in their camp. Any of the game’s strongholds are favorable, and defeating unfriendly centers gives Max extra quests and prizes.

1. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is an action-adventure open-world game. Ubisoft Montreal developed this game and published by Ubisoft. Game is a third-person perspective. Graphics and sound effects are amazing and realistic. The fictionalized version of Chicago city is set in a game storyline. The Player will control hacker Aiden Pearce. Aiden Pearce works on his smartphone to command trains and traffic lights, destroy security systems, hack cellphones, enter pedestrians’ secret data, and steal the bank accounts.

He wants to take revenge for his niece killed. For combat, Pearce can carry all types of weapons. The game has a variety of weapons. Pearce can also carry explosives like frag grenades, IEDs, proximity IEDs, etc. The performer has a collection of transportations with which he can operate the environment. Including bikes, muscle automobiles, off-road wheels, SUVs, luxury wheels, sports vehicles, and speedboats. The player can hack ctOS towers to unlock map icons and side missions. It also included the multiplayer mode, which can host up to seven other free-roaming players. The player can complete contracts related to hacking and involve in the online races. Best game for open-world players, you will love this game.

Top 5 open world pc games under 8gb ram

5. GTA V

Rockstar North developed Grand Theft Auto V and published by Rockstar Games. It is a 2013 action-adventure game. Arranged inside the fictional country of San Andreas, based on Southern California, the single-player narrative serves three criminals and their attempts to perform heists while below stress from a government agency and strong offense personalities. The open-world map allows players to freely travel San Andreas’ open country and the fictional town of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles. The game is presented from both a third-person or first-person perspective, and its environment is traveled on foot or by wheels. Players command the three leading warriors during single-player and change between them, both throughout and outside missions.

All characters have a collection of eight abilities that express their strength in special fields such as shooting and driving. Though abilities develop within a game. The eighth “special” ability decides the effectiveness in presenting an ability that is incomparable to each separate personality. Michael begins bullet time in conflict, Franklin decreases time while driving, and Trevor dealings twice as much harm to opponents while suffering half damage in conflict. A meter on all character’s HUD drains when an ability is doing used and restores while players do experienced actions. Players may buy properties such as garages and businesses, modernize the weapons and transports in each character’s armory.

Each character has a smartphone for communicating friends, beginning activities, and entering an in-game Internet. The Internet allows players to purchase stocks by a stock market. Players may likewise hit areas such as movies and band clubs. Players can further customize their personality by buying outfits, hairstyles, and tattoos.

4. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is an action-adventure game, which is published in 2016 by Ubisoft and advanced by Ubisoft Montreal. In 2016, ctOS 2.0, a network city infrastructure for advanced operating systems. It is performed in various cities in the United States. To build a more protected and more efficient city.Marcus Holloway is the protagonist of the game and a superb young hacker. Holloway lives in the nation of the technological substitution, San Francisco Bay. Unite Dedsec, a well-known group of hackers, and expose the hidden threats of ctOS 2.0. Which, in the hands of corrupt organizations, is used inappropriately to monitor and manage citizens on a massive scale.

Dedsec is at your side and you have the power of hacking. Defeat ctOS 2.0 and reestablish the independence of whoever regards people and do the Hack of the Century. Explore a large world full of opportunities. Cross the road infrastructure during a dangerous pursuit besides the twisting streets of San Francisco. Travel the rooftops of active and interesting areas of Oakland. And visit the offices of the Silicon Valley corporations. The motherland of the technical revolution is full of mysteries. Complete the mission without killing any opponents. Or combine piracy with the use of weapons and cut the ranks of enemies. Develop skills and devices: drones, radios, weapons built with a 3D printer, and much more.

Hack everything, conquer the city, get all the private data of the city residents. Control exclusive drone, supercars, robots, cranes, and many more. Attack your opponents and common passersby, managing them to generate unpredictable conditions. You can break any vehicle and connected device. Stay connected with your friends with new seamless multiplayer experience. That involves cooperation and player-to-player activities, all available in shared open-world experience.

3. Days Gone

SIE Bend Studio developed Days Gone and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a 2019 action-adventure survival horror video game. Days Gone is presented as a third-person viewpoint, in which the player can travel an open world atmosphere. Players can apply firearms, melee weaponry, and improvised weapons, and can use stealth to protect next unfriendly humans and man-eating monsters recognized as Freakers. A significant game profession is Deacon’s motorcycle, which is handled as the player character’s principal mode of transport as well as motorized inventory. The player manages Deacon St. John, a retired U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division Afghanistan War veteran outlaw-turned-drifter and bounty hunter who favors experience on the road to wastelands campsites.

The game exerts site two years after a global pandemic happened which destroyed nearly the whole of humankind, and modified millions of others into “Freakers”, stupid night-loving zombie-like beasts that are immediately developing. In the E3 2016 platform demo, two kinds of Freakers were exposed, Newts and Hordes. When a virus makes a huge portion of humankind to convert uncontrollably powerful, Deacon and his wife Sarah, and his friend Boozer struggle to leave for safety and leave the carnage. Sarah is hurt and critically injured, making Deacon leave her on a National Emergency Response Organization (NERO) helicopter. Due to the helicopter being at the range, Deacon stays following with Boozer, planning to rejoin with Sarah.

The player can accomplish purposes in various styles, such as by doing stealth or long and short-ranged weapons. A dynamic weather arrangement and day-night period make Freakers dull and lazy by day but active and attacking by night. Main vechicle of Deacon is a motorbike that can transform. With components to improve its speed, endurance, or maneuverability, amongst other parameters. The player can craft different items to increase conflict effectiveness.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is developed and published by a Polish developer CD Projekt. It is the next part of the game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It is arrange in an open world environment with a third-person perspective. The protagonist of the game is Geralt of Rivia. He is a monster hunter who known as a Witcher. He is finding her adopted daughter missed on the run from the Wild Hunt, an abstract force decided to seize her and use her powers. For the first time in the series, the player will jump, climbs, and swims. Geralt use his steel sword fundamentally to eliminate humans whereas the silver sword is extra powerful against monsters and beasts.

Aard, Axii, Igni, Yrden, and Quen are the five magical signs Geralt has. Aard helps Geralt to unleash a telekinetic burst, Axii distracts attackers, Igni flames them, Yrden decreases them down and Quen awards players a short, protecting shield. The symbols use stamina, and cannot be used endlessly. Players can apply mutagens to improve Geralt’s magic power. They waste health while attacked by opponents. Health can recover with meditation or consumables, such as meals and potions. Players irregularly control Ciri, Geralt’s adoptive daughter. she can teleport small distances.

Geralt must secure choices that change the nature of the world and head to 36 achievable endings, transforming the lives of in-game characters. In addition to the main quests, books give much data on the game’s world. Geralt’s sense allows players to detect objects of concern, including things that can be obtained or scavenged. Items are collected in the inventory, which can be extended by buying upgrades. Players can exchange items to merchants or utilize them to craft potions and explosives. They can visit blacksmiths to make new weaponry and protective guards.

1. Far cry 5

Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto developed Far Cry 5  and published by Ubisoft. It’s a first-person action-adventure shooter game. It set in an open world atmosphere that the player can travel openly on foot or by multiple types of transport. Unlike earlier games in the series, the game allows the player to customize their character’s look. Player has various ranged and explosive weaponry to combat opponents, the game puts reconstructed importance on a close-quarters fight as opposed earlier Far Cry games by adding more extended range of melee weaponry.

The outposts were created with various strategies and it was the component. That the community team decided to recreate in the more extended game environment of Far Cry 5. The game environment dumps player inside the game. The game also highlights a recruitment mode in which the player can hire locals in the constituency to support besides them related to the “Buddy” method utilized in Far Cry 2 or the “Guns for Hire” way in Far Cry 4. In these Guns for Hire mode, the player can hire locals to follow their situation at which time they will support besides the player. In improvement to these Guns for Hire, the game also introduces “Specialists”.

Far Cry 3 emphasized radio towers and Far Cry 4 emphasized bell towers that player had to climb, free up parts of the map. Far Cry 5 separated this method and rather relies on player forming connections with other actors to explore story missions, events, and other characters. Players can construct maps using assets from Far Cry 5 and its DLC, as well as Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

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