Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt developed and published Cyberpunk 2077, an upcoming role-playing video game. On 17 September 2020 it,s programmed to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One. Accommodated from the Cyberpunk franchise, it necessitates place in dystopian Night City, an open world with six different regions. Players consider the character of V, a customizable mercenary, in a first-person viewpoint, gaining skills in hacking and mercenary, an armory of ranged weaponry, and choices for melee fight. Both lethal and non-lethal playthroughs are desirable.

Release Date: 17 September 2020

Genre: 3D, Action, 1st Person, Shooter

Developer:  ‎CD Projekt Red

Publishing: CD Projekt

Cyberpunk 2077 Overview:

For beginners, it’s set in first-person and features gunplay. The RPG component persists strongly represented, something you’ll notice from the start of the game as you customize your character’s gender, appearance, and key backstory details that will impact the larger storyline. You play as V, an urban mercenary who executes the dirty work nobody else will do. But the real star here is Night City, a sprawling supercity where high-end cyber modification represents the height of consumer capitalism, and citizens include body-snatching scavengers, corporate thugs, and augmented posthumans. V can use cover, aim, sprint on ground and walls, jump, dual jump, and slide. V carries an arm blades to climb walls and and for close-combat weapons, deal melee strikes.

In every sequence I saw, Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City radiated grimy, lived-in authenticity. The game’s alternate timeline means advanced gadgetry coexists with anachronistic technology like newspapers and telephones. Whether you’re creeping through a bombed-out squatter’s den, prowling the freeway in a souped-up car, or infiltrating a shadowy gang lair, the game’s vision shines in vibrant detail. It’s like Blade Runner meets Altered Carbon meets Mad Max. A Multiplayer portion of the game will be delay and will launch sometime after the initial game.

Cyberpunk 2077 has three types of range weapons, all of which can be customize and transformable—Power, Tech (which infiltrate walls and villains), and Smart (with homing shots). Range weapons are provide to reflect bullets in a target’s direction and reduce them down in bullet time. Four kinds of damage can be deliver and counter—Physical, Thermal, EMP, and Chemical. Weapon use improves accuracy and reloading rate, which are displayed in character animations. Gunsmiths renovate and improve weapons. The game can be finish without demanding a life, with non-lethal choices for weapons and cyberwar.

Features of Cyberpunk 2077:

  • The game takes great pains to make players feel grounded in Night City. Take V’s apartment, which you can visit between missions to spend your ill-gotten gains, select weapons, gear, and equip armor. Fun touch in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, style is just important as raw combat stats, so donning a cool outfit can grant you unique benefits and boost your street cred.
  • CD Projekt Red promises “hundreds of different weapons” in the final game, bolstered by deep customization system. Also have an enemy-tracking smart rifle, forearm-mounted Mantis blades, “tech shotgun” that could penetrate walls, and “ricochet targeting system” that made shooting around corners easy.
  • There’s a stealthier side to combat, too. You can sneak up and disable an enemy, allowing you to hack into them and breach the local area network, opening doors and wreaking havoc.
  • A few other interesting odds and ends: the inspection system that allows you to pore over a 3D model of an object to look for clues; the fluid character class method that permits you to tailor your play technique via cyber modification and drugs; the characters and thoughts that bring Night City to life.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 will be set in the same regions as most of the events from the traditional Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing game. Night City is a large, sprawling metropolis in the Free State of Northern California. CD Projekt Red has managed hard to build a detailed, immersive environment.
  • Stat sections—Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical, and Cool—are affected by the character types that players expect, which are hacking, machinery, and conflict. The perk tree sections into melee, blades, handguns, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, hacking, two-handed conflict, assassination, “cold blood”, engineering, and athletics. V must negotiate a “ripper doc” to improve and buy cyberware implants; black businesses allow military-grade skills.

System Requirements:

OS: Win 10 64.

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz / AMD Ryzen R5 1600

RAM: 16 GB

Video card: AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Hard disk space: 70 GB of space


Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer:

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