Indian Mobile Company name | Indian mobile company list  | Why Indian Mobile Phone companies Failed?

Indian Mobile Company name | Indian mobile company list | Why Indian Mobile Phone companies Failed?

Hey, today we talk about the Indian mobile company name which are vanished nowadays. And, as we all know that India is one of the fastest-growing mobile markets in the world. Due to the recent controversy between India and China, and the Indian government also banned 59 Chinese apps. Because these apps are practising some activities like misuse of data and transmitting information to servers outside of India.

So, many Indian citizens have decided to boycott the Chinese smartphone as well because these have also security concerns. Therefore, it comes on Indian smartphones companies which are not seen in the past few years. Because Chinese smartphones give better features at affordable prices so, all the Indian smartphone market shifted to Chinese brands. Now, its time to come back for the Indian mobile companies; hence I have chosen this topic, and today I will tell you the Indian Mobile Company name. However, Micromax has said that it is re-entering with new smartphones in the Indian market soon. Other companies could also come back like Lava and Karbonn. And here’s the list of Indian Mobile Company name and details about them that could make a comeback. Let’s get start

List of 5 Indian Mobile Company name and their details

Indian Mobile Company Name | Micromax Logo | Beast Tech Gamer1. Micromax Informatics

Indian Mobile Company Name | Micromax pic | Beast Tech Gamer

Micromax informatics was the largest phone manufacturer in India at some time. But nowadays all these companies are rarely in the market. Because when these smartphones companies are coming in India, they bring Chinese smartphone and rebrand them and sell out in India. When the Indian Mobile market is growing faster than some Chinese companies started coming in Indian market selling smartphones directly more features at fewer prices. Therefore, this the drawback of Indian mobile companies and the start of the Chinese smartphone era.

Micromax has started selling mobile phones in 2008, and it has a perfect image in India before Chinese companies. It makes low-cost and affordable phones and also manufactures Televisions and tablets. The company had also launched the YU brand in 2014 which had the official cyanogen OS rights in India.

They have announced that it will launch an affordable smartphone with premium features soon in India in which they were King. Some famous models of Micromax are Canvas Infinity, Infinity N11 and YU Yureka.

Credit: Micromax India

Indian Mobile CompanyLava Logo | Beast Tech Gamer2. Lava Mobile

Indian Mobile Company Name | Lava pic | Beast Tech Gamer
Credit: Lava Mobiles

Lava mobile came in the year 2009 in India. This company was ranked as the ‘Most trustworthy brand’ in 2008. The main thing is this is the only company which has complete design and manufacturing in India. Lava is the multi-national Indian company, dealing in the mobile industry in India as well as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

Xolo is also a subsidiary of Lava International. Xolo first Indian mobile company to launch a smartphone with an Intel processor, first Indian mobile company to partner with AMD and also the early to launched 4G smartphone in India and even a first dual-camera phone in India. It’s is the only Indian brand which launched Windows Phone and Android operating system both smartphones. Increased competition from Chinese companies in 2018 pushed Lava into financial troubles in 2018, and the company was delayed payments to employees and vendors. Lava Mobile was one of the fastest-growing brands in the Indian mobile industry. But now Lava also said they are returning with new phones in the market.

  Indian Mobile Company | Intex Logo | Beast Tech Gamer3. Intex Technologies   

Indian Mobile Company Name | Intex pic | Beast Tech Gamer

Intex Technologies founded in 1996, and it offers not only phones but LED TVs and other electronics and accessories. Now it doesn’t stand in the smartphone market, but it makes a good sale no in electronics and accessories like TV, Speakers, headphones, etc. And it’s also mobile sales was disrupted by the entry of Chinese smartphones in the market. All these Indian companies’ sales were disrupted because of Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone companies. Its most popular model is Intex aqua, and Intex aqua 4G was the first 4G smartphone by Intex.

Indian Mobile Company | Karbonn Logo | Beast Tech Gamer4. Karbonn Mobiles

Indian Mobile Company Name | karbonn pic | Beast Tech Gamer

Karbonn mobiles founded in 2009, it offers smartphones, tablets and mobile phone accessories. The mobile company is a joint venture between Delhi based Jaina Group and United Telelinks Ltd. group from Bengaluru. It’s also marketing internationally like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and in the Middle East and Europe. And it is also one of the leading Indian mobile company. This company was also affected by the entry of cheap Chinese smartphones in the country. It could also be a comeback with some new smartphones in the Indian market. Some famous Karbonn models include Titanium S9 plus, K9 smart Plus and Karbonn Vue1.

 Indian Mobile Company | LYF Logo | Beast Tech Gamer5. Lyf 

Indian Mobile Company Name | LYF pic | Beast Tech Gamer

LYF launched by Reliance Retail is the mobile handset company that manufactures 4G-enabled VoLTE smartphones in India and operated along with Jio, which is a brand of Reliance. So, these phones are launched by Reliance when 4G has started a craze in the Indian market and that time, not such 4G enabled phones are in demand. Therefore, Reliance has launched this company for promotion of Jio and taking advantages of less 4G phones in the market. In 2016, the company had become the fifth largest smartphone maker and the second-largest 4G LTE phone seller in India. Hence, in starting it makes a good sale with Jio but when others began offering 4G phones. Then they just stopped launching their new phones.  

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